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My Artsy-Fartsy Css Web Experiment

The other day I had some time in between work and an improv show I was doing that night, so to pass the time, I created a simple web experiment in CSS.

Automating Jekyll Post Creation

Jekyll is a tool for static site generation, and it’s what powers Github pages, both of which generate and host this site, respectively.

Finding Shit in a New Code Base

When a developer moves to a new company, one of the biggest transitions is adapting to the new code base. While most companies will be understanding of newcomers making their way into the rigorous complexities of unknown machine-speak, that slack isn’t limitless, and it’s important to understand the code quickly. It is, after all, the point of the developer’s employment.

ASCII Star Wars

Folks, I have stumbled upon something so nerdy, so impressive, and so potentially useless that I had to share it.