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My Facebook Ad Data

Today I downloaded all the data Facebook has on me, and started poking through it. Since it’s been the focus of every privacy scandal, I went straight to the ad data. I found two items.

Practical Internet Privacy

Welcome, Internet folks! If you’ve been following along, this is the final post in my three part series on basic Internet security and privacy. In this article, we’re going to get into improving and—just as importantly—understanding Internet privacy.

Security vs Privacy on the Internet

Update: The next article in this series is now published. Confused about what privacy versus security means in the context of the internet? Haven’t heard these terms before, but are intrigued nonetheless? Not interested in any of this, but are inexplicably still reading? Whatever your deal is, welcome—you’ve found the laypersons guide to all this crap!

I’m Leaving Facebook

Yep, I’m going to do it. Why?